6 Struggles Of Undefined Relationships

6 Struggles Of Undefined Relationships

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Being in an undefined relationship is basically handling all the pressure and anxiousness everyday. You torment yourself between being a girlfriend and just being a fling. I mean the struggle is real though. One day you seem like you mean the world to him and another day you are given a cold shoulder. The amount of stress to handle is just frustrating itself. 

Here are 6 Struggles of Undefined Relationships

1. Introducing

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It just gets more awkward each time you have to introduce him to your other friends. Who the heck is he?!! Your friend? Your boyfriend? Your crush? It is a mystery..

2. The REAL feelings don’t stop


You both really get well, he treats you so much better than any other guy, he defines your happiness. You realize that all the fun and games are just not for fun when things start to get serious. There is perfect chemistry and love between you both and everyone says you two look good together. But then you start to think about every possible aspect of this relationship. “What if he does not feel the same way?”, “What if I’m the one being too invested or emotional?” etc. Not knowing whether you should you accept the relationship status and pretend that it is okay or end the relationship because it got serious?

3. Not knowing where the relationship is heading

As much as we enjoy the excitement in our life that we have someone, we would also want to know where the relationship is taking us. We want to go with the flow but not stay in the hanging relationship for too long as well.

4. Texting

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You don’t want to seem to be too clingy to him when a good morning texts comes by. Refraining yourself from double texting him seems like a daily struggle but you also have the need to know what is he up to. You expect texts,, pictures and videos.


5. Jealousy

You get so jealous when he goes out with some other girl. You are being replaced by someone else, and that fear eventually has a big chance to be turned into possessiveness and obsession. L But you have to act cool about it because you are not his girlfriend to react in such a manner. Typically the saddest thing ever.


6. Handling pressure from friends

Their questions and pressure often make you feel insecure and your emotions get too much when you are trying to sort out the relationship yourself. They are always keeping tabs on you and keeping an eye on you to make sure you are not falling into any trap and getting your hopes high.  Just know that they support you and care about your well-being. Confrontation is so much harder said than done.

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