Warrior > Worrier

Warrior > Worrier

Have you ever felt like the world is crushing down in front of you? Like this life is so meaningless and you do not serve a purpose on earth anymore? You keep asking yourself “Why am I alive?”

It is never easy, to get trashed repetitively, to be looked down, to be degraded, to be treated like an option, to be treated differently. When everything is not going your way, what do you do? Who do you look for? Where do you go? Why do you seek comfort with?

What caused you to feel this way? Who’s fault is it? Yourself? Your parents? Your family? Your friends? Your peers? Your teachers? Who failed? So many questions in us, looking for answers yet we feel lost. Do we ever pause for a moment and ponder on the consequences that would have arised if we did not do what we had done in the past? We would have done it because we were left without a choice. We were forced to do and take that decision at that point of our time just so we can make a change.

Now we feel like it is too late to turn back. It is too late to make a change. It is too late to fix your problems. You wish you were rather dead and gone than to be alive, struggling and carrying so much of pain and enduring embarrassment every single day. You wish you had never taken the opportunity to satisfy others. You wish you were selfish. You could have saved yourself and let others drown. But that is not who you are. You did it because you have a big heart, You did it because you thought of someone else’s future. You did it because you did not want to disappoint the people around you.

Here I am telling you, that what you did, that was the most bravest, boldest thing you did in your life! You wanted someone to tell you this. Always. But no one ever took the extra effort to tell you that it is okay to make mistakes in life. Mistakes are often lessons. It is a reminder to us to not repeat the same mistake again in our future. I bet you would have this running in your mind and felt insecure of everything that came forth thereafter. You started living in fear. Fear conquered your brain fogging out all your best capabilities. You fell into depression. You were in a state of denial. You fell into your own trap and you were stuck hoping that someone would help you out. Living in fear is not the solution for all the problems. Depression is something that can dwell in places that eyes will never see. You are secluding and isolating yourself because you feel like a failure but living in fear is the worst thing you can do for yourself. There is so much in life to live and experience. There is more to life than just failures and downfalls. They teach you how to be strong. They teach you how to be

Here are 10 small pieces of advice from me to you, based on my personal encounters in life. :-

1. Your mistakes will never define the person that you are. It shapes you to be a better person for yourself.

2. You will end up losing yourself if you are going to be pleasing everyone.

3. Every day is a new day. Yesterday is the past. Focus on new goals, aims, stay hydrated and keep your mind focused.

4. Move towards what you want and make sure you chase it till you get it.

5. Be who you are and not who the world wants you to be.

6. You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great

7. You have to train your mind to be stronger than your emotions and feelings.

8. Forgive yourself.

9. Taking care and putting yourself first is not being selfish, It is called self-care and self-love.

10. Do not stress the could haves, if it should have, it would have.

Every time you feel you are down, read these 10 points. Again and again and again. Tell yourself reasons of why you should be moving forward. We cannot change the past, but we can certainly change our future. A bright future always awaits those who try hard to strive for the best in life. Do not lose hope. Hold on to yourself, even if there is a small fraction of hope left inside of you, hold on to it, do not let it go. That is your ladder to climb, rise up and come back stronger. 🙂

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