Cobra Movie Review – Disappointing & Messy Screenplay

Cobra Movie Review – Disappointing & Messy Screenplay

Cobra Movie Review

COBRA Movie Review

Language: Tamil
Subtitle: English
Classification: P13
Release Date: 31 Aug 2022
Genre: Thriller
Running Time: 2 Hours 55 Minutes
Distributor: Lotus Five Star AV
Cast: Vikram, Srinidhi Shetty, Miya, Irfan Pathan
Director: R. Ajay Gnanamuthu
Format: 2D



A Turkish Interpol officer has been on the hunt for a wanted criminal, COBRA who is responsible for the massive killings of powerful world leaders using a unique mathematic/calculative way. He gathers information and clues about the criminal from a variety of sources.

My Review:

Cobra marks the return of Chiyaan Vikram on the big screens after a long hiatus of 3 years. After Mahaan which was released on Amazon Prime earlier this year, Cobra was one of the most awaited films for Chiyaan, especially with AR Rahman on the music. Let’s dive in deeper on why this turned out to be way worse than we thought!

Cobra Being overly ambitious may be both a blessing and a curse. The film’s ambition is evident in its effort to expand the scale in terms of grandeur, which is noticeable for most of the first half. It is also evident in the narrative, particularly when the film employs mathematical ideas to make the murders more fascinating. Unfortunately, the moments of brilliance are fleeting, as the movie becomes predictable at the end. There are times when the movie tries too hard to be ambitious, which is one of the reasons why the story following a plot twist never works.

Cobra starts with all the correct elements. A banger intro of Roshan as Rishi and Chiyaan Vikram respectively. It gets off to a great start, and the action is engaging. With such a strong start, the audience will want to buckle up. Unfortunately, the picture devolves into a flashy, over-the-top, expensive production that confuses the audience with unnecessary twists and turns. The film’s romance is terrible, and the flashback scenes are dull. In fact there are more than 1 flashbacks that make the audiences tired of waiting for the actual plot to come out.

Every dialogue in the screenplay is written to satisfy Vikram, and everyone else is there to please him. The film’s villain is the weakest you’ve seen in recent years. Roshan Mathews, a prominent Mollywood Actor is known for his impeccable acting skills however he is underutilized in Cobra making him a very weak and lame villain. The Interpol and police are the most ineffective in cracking a case until they needed another character played by Meenakshi to be there but then her role is very on and off too. Everything is just messy.

Then there’s former cricketer Irfan Pathan, who begins as the case’s chief investigator but gradually fades into obscurity. It’s also unpleasant to witness performers have their lines dubbed in Tamil when their lip-sync is blatantly incorrect.

With Vikram’s shapeshifting abilities, the film attempts to replicate the mood of Dasavatharam, in which Kamal Haasan appeared in ten different outfits. However, it is insufficient. The writing is subpar, especially in terms of crafting emotional passages. In this day and age, it’s difficult to buy the sob terrible stories of twin brothers and star-crossed lovers.

One advantage of Cobra is that it allows Srinidhi Shetty more opportunities to play Bhavana Menon than the two KGF films did. Irfan Pathan’s Aslan Yilmaz is a typical stock character who doesn’t add anything to the story.

AR Rahman Saved The Movie?

We can read that and sink it in entirely. If it was not for ARR, I wonder how the film would have turned out. There were many BGMS scores in the film that elevated a scene more than you can imagine. It was solely the music and songs that kept us awake. Not to forget there were some scenes where the music sort of overlapped and I’m guessing that is the result of poor editing work.

Chiyaan Vikram’s Acting

Vikram carries the film from start to finish. Chiyaan Vikram is an exceptional actor. There is no doubt about that! But how long can we stand seeing him put on makeup for hours to get into a look that only appears on television for 10 seconds? It’d be interesting to see him in strong and good scripts, which would suit him perfectly. Having said that, he has nailed a certain scene in the second half that will recall the fans of Anniyan. His performance is what makes the film bearable to watch.


Final Thoughts

Other characters that are introduced just to perform that one task feel the same way. Another significant complaint against Cobra is that it is arrogant and devoid of logic. The scenes are not seamless and everything gets bogged down. Consider Vikram’s Madhi, who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. This part appears to have been introduced just to give the actor with a canvas on which to demonstrate his acting abilities, with no bearing on the narrative itself.

Cobra was upright disappointing. A much awaited movie went just down the drain because of the poor execution and incomplete screenplay. There were many loopholes in the story itself making it difficult to connect to. Unnecessary sentiments and love portions could have been avoided to make the crime more interesting. Overall, Cobra was on the downside. ARR and Chiyaan have saved the film. Hoping Ajay Gnanamuthu will take more time to write and expand themes and elements in his films so audiences can understand what is going on.


Rating: 2.5/5 

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