Iravin Nizhal Movie Review – R.Parthiban’s Stunning Attempt

Iravin Nizhal Movie Review – R.Parthiban’s Stunning Attempt

Iravin Nizhal Movie Review – Single Shot Film

Language: Tamil
Subtitle: English
Classification: 18
Release Date: 15 Jul 2022
Genre: Drama / Thriller
Running Time: 2 Hours 10 Minutes
Distributor: DMY Creation Sdn Bhd
Cast: R. Parthiban, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Robo Shankar, Priyanka Ruth
Director: R. Parthiban
Format: 2D


Iravin Nizhal leads its protagonist down an agonizing route littered with recollections of his dark past, memories and sins. What drove Nandu to make this decision, what drives Nandu to flee for his life, his terrible backstories all contribute to the storyline of Iravin Nizhal.

Iravin Nizhal Parthiban

My Review: 

First and foremost hats off to Parthiban for this amazing attempt! This needs bravery, a different kind of love and passion plus dedication to cinema and Parthiban is a classic example of what passion is. There have been single shot feature films in the past, such as ‘Rope’ and ‘1917,’ but they all had linear storylines that mainly captured what happened in sequence. ‘Iravin Nizhal,’ directed by Radhakrishnan Parthiban, is being touted as the world’s first single-shot film with a non-linear screenplay entirely. YES THERE IS A DIFFERENCE! Let’s see if this record-breaking attempt has an impact on the audience with its story and screenplay.

Iravin Nizhal was also submitted into the Asia Book of Records and the India Book of Records as the first Asian non-linear single-shot film. It’s being billed as the world’s first non-linear one shot film.

What is a Non-Linear Single Shot?

A one-shot cinema, one-take film, single-take film, continuous shot feature film, or “oner” is a full-length film shot in one long take by a single camera.

What Makes Iravin Nizhal Special?

It is commonly known that Iravin Nizhal is a single shot non-linear film, the first of its kind in the world. Before the film begins, the directors show a making-of video, which creates the tone and mood for the main picture that we are about to see. While technicians such as AR Rahman, the cinematographer, and the art director discuss their contributions to the film, Parthiban shows us what went wrong in each take and how tough it was to pull off a film in this manner.

For example, in a 93-minute film, a minor technical glitch in the 91st minute necessitates the crew re-shooting the full 93 minutes from scratch. Can you imagine the kind of stress they possibly had to go through to start everything from the very beginning….

While many filmmakers claim to have put forth effort, here’s a man, Parthiban who has demonstrated what the phrase entails. He has torn down boundaries for filmmakers all across the world, paving the path for more films like this in the future.

Parthiban was confronted with a significant issue after the triumph of Oththa Seruppu Size 7, which won the National Award. He had the major question shot at him ; “What Next?” He was just convinced at the moment that he “wanted to be distinct from others.” With this in mind, he began researching single-shot movies throughout the world. “I realized that the storytelling in all of those movies was straightforward, with no non-linear twists. To make my film stand out, I opted to shoot in a single take and narrate my screenplay in non-linear fashion “Parthiban says – (News9Live)

What I Loved About Iravin Nizhal

This film is a real thrill to watch. Every scene in Parthiban is worth seeing. One thing you can be certain of when viewing his films is that you will never be bored. Throughout each scene, he works hard to provide the audience with an unique viewing experience, which is what will make you look forward to this great encounter. There is no shortage of effort anywhere in the film, and it makes your viewing experience memorable. The story will stay with you for a long time as it makes you think.

With a making-of film that plays before the film, Parthiban Sir really makes us see this effort. The film is billed as “the world’s first single-shot non-linear film,” and we see the blood, sweat, and tears (both literally and metaphorically) that went into producing it in one 96-minute unbroken shot in this almost 30-minute feature. You frequently hear filmmakers remark about how much time and effort they put into their films, but here it is. the imagination in creating the universe of this picture, the heartbreaks when little mistakes force the team to reshoot the film (one crane error at the 92nd minute would have been soul-crushing), and the elation when they finally get it perfect in the 23rd try or so.

I actually teared looking at the making of this film. One wrong move and everything has to be shot all over again from the very beginning. That sounds tiring already. As we were watching the making, we are already feeling the tension when something went wrong and the stress that they to go through to make this film happen. The dedication and hardwork that everyone has put into this film is just amazing. I was mind-blown.

They actually made transitions, scene jumps, flashbacks, some animals, extra elements in every scene and heck even song sequences ALL IN ONE GO. Let me breathe!!! The actors…. take a bow. Everyone had to redo, retake and also like act their portion again and again and again without even hesitating. That is really something amazing.

Iravin Nizhal – A Cinematic Experience

The execution was not without its challenges, prompting people to wonder how he managed to pull it off in the first place, without losing his cool despite the laborious process of filming sequences again. “Because we had to be on the move, I didn’t have the luxury of yelling at someone on set. This film made me a saint since I was able to restrain my rage in so many situations. In addition, I had no choice but to attain the Aghori mode by eating a spolit biryani that had been packaged the day before for a scene shot “he claims.

Iravin Nizhal is enhanced with a vibrant, varied A.R. Rahman composition that includes a soul taunting background theme and a complement of heartfelt and soaring songs. The production design – it took two years of preparation and execution to set up the 50-odd venues in which the film was shot – and photography by Arthur A Wilson owe a lot to the eternally imaginative Iravin Nizhal. However, one can’t help but question if Iravin Nizhal would have been conceivable without the labor of the Gimbal operator, on whose shoulders the film actually rested. Give that man an award. Give everyone who worked for this film some sort of recognition. They deserve it so much.

Also loved Parthiban’s dialogues and wordplay format that he is no stranger to of course. For instance, a dialogue comes ” Sandhuleye Sindhu paaduven, Sindhu veh kedachirukke…” Dialogues like this certainly adds a tinge of humour amidst the seriousness in the film.

Parthiban also successfully employs music (AR Rahman’s rousing soundtrack is like a beam of light in this film’s gloomy universe) and sound effects to make us forget that the entire film was shot in one location, within the massive set revealed in the making-of video. In that respect, this ‘project’ is unquestionably a success since Parthiban accomplishes what he set out to do.

AR Rahman’s Stunning Music & Background Score in Iravin Nizhal

Isai Puyal A.R. Rahman’s haunting background score is a huge plus point for this film. The songs “Kaayam,” and “Paavam Seiyathiru” will stay with you long after you leave the theatre. The bgms are a huge worthy part of the film as well.

With a banger album, ARR has delivered solid tracks and haunting plus heart warming bgms.

What Could Have Been Better?

1. Story flow

Now this is not really a flaw but what I felt was because the director is so intent on expressing everything in a single shot, the storytelling part appears to suffer. The film’s tempo is quick… but so quick that most of the scenes don’t last. It’s almost as if the film wants to get to the next scene as quickly as possible so some scenes are incomplete, it leaves you hanging, you have questions running in your mind and so on.

If this was a not a single shot film and an actual full fledged film, this movie would have hit us all like a truck! The story is such. It is dark, it is gritty, it is disturbing and it certainly cannot be watched or accepted by everyone collectively. It has the potential to make you heart wrenched indeed. Nevertheless, this movie was spectacular where the making is concerned for sure!

2. Dialogues

I did mention how the dialogues were amazing but choice of words… There are quite a number of bad words in the film. This is sort of becoming  a trend these days in Tamil movies which I less fancy of but my thought process is that when this movie gets released on OTT they are not going to censor this which makes this film a tad bit difficult to watch with your parents / children.

Final Verdict

Overall, Iravin Nizhal is a technological wonder and what Parthiban has accomplished is groundbreaking, and it lets us overlook the flaws in the screenplay and writing. The actors’ performances and Parthiban’s tenacity keep us engaged throughout, and the film’s short runtime also helps. Though there are some ups and downs in the story of Iravin Nizhal, the outstanding filming will leave you speechless.

After watching a hard hitting film like Sai Pallavi’s Gargi, Iravin Nizhal also stands in my heart! Its been a week of emotional roller coaster indeed.

Rating: 4.5/5 


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