LOVE 2020 Malayalam Film Review (A Narrative Psychological Thriller)

LOVE 2020 Malayalam Film Review (A Narrative Psychological Thriller)

LOVE is a psychological thriller film showing the disturbing internal dynamics of a dysfunctional marriage show up in unanticipated ways following a fight of the two.

Release date:

Director: Khalid Rahman

Music: Neha Nair, Yakzan Gary Pereira
Cast:  Rajisha Vijayan, Shine Tom Chacko

Cinematography: Jimshi Khalid

Producer:  Ashiq Usman

Synopsis: Deepthi just had the wonderful news that she would be a mother, but in her wedding with Anoop things are not wonderful. Will the pair come up with a successful solution or will things continue to descend?

My Review:

A swift genre bending film on Netflix now 91 minutes by Khalid Rahman could only be a great way to go. The story essentially evolves when Deepthi comes home to her husband, who was drinking and playing games during the day, bringing in news of her pregnancy. Their married life is not easy, they have troubles, but what is the problem actually? This is an excitement right up to the very end.

The lockdown special of Khalid Rahman is an attractive thriller that speaks about the love that may convert to hatred during marriage life and about the trust problems a couple attempts to overcome. In the film, there are excitement, suspense, and levels of relationship. Violence is also well captured, but as you watch, you should recall that domestic violence – whether it is your wife or your spouse – it was fun to see on the television and a method of catharsis.


The film is within the residence of the couple as other characters come and leave. Only images on the wall and several flashbacks tell the viewers of the couple and their life. Domestic violence might be disturbing for the audience, but the scenes are crucial to the narrative. Anoop knocks the head of Deepthi on their picture and Deepthi is (sort of) dead from the blow. Anoop is trying to disguise his act, but people are constantly coming and going to his apartment resulting to a gloomy, moving and funny scenario.


Now there certainly is some point of confusion that stirs up among viewers on what the hell is happening. Who are these characters and why are they present at the wrong time? But later on, you will fix the puzzles. Those characters and situations are exactly what Anoop is facing and all of the situations where his insecurities and fears come through as a result of him drinking and overthinking the situation that he has to face later on with Deepthi.

The climax would blow your mind as Rajisha’s performance was certainly at its peak. She already knows what Anoop has been up to and she demands answers and what happens thereafter is the REAL ENDING or maybe not. It all depends highly on how we perceive the film. As this is a psychological thriller, elements were places perfectly in many scenes.



Malayalam films have always surmounted problems via screenplay brilliance and filmmaking by combining advances with technology. There is a testimony here, Khalid Rahman and colleagues – even if we are imprisoned within our four walls, film will endure. You may find a film shot inside an apartment with adrenaline surge here.

LOVE has managed to capture the nuances of a mystery tale brilliantly as a psychological thriller. Khalid Rahman accomplishes the same thing with a darker, meaningful tone in this movie. LOVE is a good watch. 9/10 for me!


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