Mahaan Movie Review – (Mass Father -Son Duo)

Mahaan Movie Review – (Mass Father -Son Duo)

Release date: 10th February 2022
Director: Karthik Subbaraj
Cast: Chiyaan Vikram, Dhruv Vikram, Simran, Bobby Simha, Muthu Kumar and more
Music: Santhosh Narayanan
Language: Tamil
Running Time: 2 Hour 40 Minutes

Plot: On his 40th birthday, Gandhi Mahaan, a schoolteacher born to Gandhian, resolves to live life on his own terms. His life changes when his wife and son leave him, and he goes on to become the emperor of the Tamil Nadu liquor empire along with his friend Sathyavan. The remaining of the plot is concluded by what happens after his son comes back in his life.

Disclaimer: This review is entirely my point of view. This is not a collaborated writing with anyone or any OTT Platforms. 

My Review: 

A predictable yet stunning gangster like drama by Karthik Subbaraj. I can finally breathe. I’m glad this film was a redemption of the previous failure Jagame Thandhiram (though I’m still pissed about that film), Mahaan certainly sufficed for that blunder indeed. Anyway let’s talk about Mahaan!

Gandhi Mahaan (Vikram) lives an unsatisfied existence, pushed to follow Gandhian principles by his family, including wife Naachi (Simran), who are ardent supporters of Mahatma Gandhi. He has recently reached 40 when he meets Sathyavaan (Bobby Simha), a childhood buddy who is now operating a bar. He chooses to party the rest of the night, but the next day, his wife (along with their son, Dada) abandons him after discovering that he has consumed alcohol. He joins with Sathyavan to help him grow his liquor company. Everything changes when his son Dada (Dhruv Vikram) returns.



A classic Karthik film with the usual template that represents his style! I like that Karthik has a team of supporting actors that he always works with making the film entirely exciting. After a long time Karthik reunites with Bobby in this movie!

Karthik Subbaraj is known for his dialogue writing skills, and in Mahaan, he delivers some poignant and thought-provoking lines that elicit applause. The film’s emotionally intense second half takes us by surprise, and the drama is orchestrated in an excellent manner.

With his captivating screen presence, Chiyaan Vikram provides a fantastic performance that elevates our movie-watching experience. Finally, the Chiyaan’s comeback after ‘I’ that everyone has been waiting for !! I’m overjoyed to see Vikram finally in a great role. Chiyaan’s body language, swagger, and mannerism were extremely appealing! You will enjoy Vikram’s performance in this film. I can guarantee you that. The man proves why he is one of the prominent actors in Kollywood. We missed this Chiyaan for sure,

Vikram was truly the man of the moment until Dhruv steals the limelight easily! Once he comes in, the entire feel of the film changes. Wow. This guy will be going places for sure.




Dhruv was in a full rage mode as Dada. After portraying a charming and attractive character in Adithya Varma, his part in Mahaan is a major change for him, and he makes the most of the space he is given to execute a believable portrayal. Dhruv exudes a certain charisma and swagger that, when used correctly, would undoubtedly strike a connection with the audience. Mahaan is a thrilling watch because of the duo’s outstanding combination.

Dhruv Vikram had this mass level entry that gave me ultimate goosebumps I never even imagined I would have! Such a hardcore immense potential just like his father. Karthik tapped in and pushed him to the max for this Dada role. I was truly amazed looking at his performance. Dhruv clearly outshined Vikram in many portions too. Watch out for their face off scenes.. Father – Son Duo mass ah irunthuchi! 



Other Good Elements Of The Film

Shreyaas Krishna’s cinematography and Santhosh Narayanan’s background score elevate the emotion in many sequences. The BGMS were pretty notable with rocking and stunning elements. Instant addictions would be Evanda Enaku Custody & Rich Rich ! 

Simran comes in for very few portions but she definitely nailed her role as well. We must not forget to mention Bobby Simha, Sananth and Muthu Kumar who come in as supporting roles. Sananth and Muthu have evolved so tremendously ever since. I personally loved the change that their character brings.

Even for Vikram’s and Dhruv’s characters, you can’t make out whether they are good people or not because of the plot and how the story goes. Karthik certainly has done a great job with this. A script and roles specifically for Vikram and his son. Ithuthaan da Kollywood!



Negatives of Mahaan

Ah as much as all I have written, there were certain aspects I was quite unhappy about in Mahaan. Adeiii Karthik’ehh  ..!!

1. Vani Bhojan portions were absent entirely and I feel it is complete injustice. What was the point of casting her if her portions were gonna be cut largely. MAJOR BLUNDER. I just feel bad for Vani as this would have been an important film in her career. Many other scenes in the film could have been cut to slot in hers to be honest.

2. There is way too much bad words and foul language used in the film. Cant really watch it with your family for sure. Better to wait for a Tv premiere if you wanna watch with family. Cant say much bcz OTT releases have this trend these days. I’m not really bothered but why is this becoming  a common template in Tamil films especially to use bad words. This could have been avoided considering that Vikram has fans ranging from various age groups.

3. The weak female roles. Except Iraivi, I do not see why Karthik’s films have a very poor writing for female characters. Like how Simran and Vani were cut out mostly. Uhmm.

4. Draggy towards the end of the film. Karthik attempted to enhance Mahaan’s character again at the end of the film, but it was too late and the attempt was too weak. At this point, Dada’s character would have overshined and it was getting lame as the characters kept getting weak.



Well, Mahaan has its flaws, but in the grand scheme of things, the film is absolutely enjoyable! Watch it for the father son face off scenes. Too good.

Rating: 4.5/5  



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