Poochandi Malaysian Movie Review – Gripping Horror Thriller Flick

Poochandi Malaysian Movie Review – Gripping Horror Thriller Flick


Language: Tamil
Classification: P13
Release Date: 27 Jan 2022
Genre: Horror – Thriller
Running Time: 1 Hour 55 Minutes
Distributor: Trium Studio, Poketplay Sdn. Bhd.
Cast: RJ Ramana, Ganesan Manohgaran, Tinesh Sarathi Krishnan, Logan, Hamsni Perumal
Director: Wickneswaren Kaliaperumal
Format: 2D

Disclaimer: This review is entirely my point of view. This is not a collaborated writing with anyone. 

Plot: Murugan, a journalist, travels to Malaysia in search of regular people with terrifying experiences to include in a genuine paranormal story collection he is writing for a magazine. He lands on a story by Shankar and encounters a paranormal experience that changes his life.


My Review: 

I went to watch the movie with zero expectations. I only went for it after seeing good reviews and also to support our Malaysian movie. Little did I know that I was in for a ride of thrill! As a fan of horror and thriller flicks, I must say Poochandi was a solid, perfectly made film! First of all, I would like to congratulate the entire cast and crew of this film. From story, screenplay, cinematography, lighting and BGMs everything was top notch! I’m not even kidding right now.

The movie was supposed to release way earlier in 2020 but due to the lockdown situations in Malaysia it got pushed several times and just released on 27th January. But I guess this movie was worth the wait! You will get a really good satisfaction feel after watching this film.

The movie begins with Murugan, a journalist, who travels to Malaysia in search of regular people with terrifying experiences to include in a genuine paranormal story collection he is writing for a magazine. He lands on a story by Shankar and encounters a paranormal experience that changes his life. Of course I am not going to spill the beans or even drop the entire story or even the flow of it. Good movies are so rare to come by and Poochandi is that one of a kind film that I highly suggest you to watch.


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What Makes This Movie Special?

1. Spirit Of The Coin Game

I know, I know. Ithule enna special ne kekeringela? This spirit game is often associated with the OUIJA Board. In this film, it is vereh level! Trust me when I say the director has explored a whole new experience for a Tamil horror film/ The usage of Hinduism, history of it and also the rich culture of the Tamil language is also diversified in this movie. A movie should make us believe. We should feel connected instantly to the film and thus start engaging with it. That is exactly what I felt!

2. Ancient Hindu & History Elements

Poochandi is a compelling and enticing narrative about the dread of the unknown and Hinduism’s rich heritage. Supernatural tales and myths about other interesting beings that have existed since ancient times. It may appear anywhere and take on the appearance of anybody, and it will not leave its victims alone until they are dead or choose to pass the curse on to someone else.


3. Malaysian (UN) Told History

Kadaram, today known as Kedah is vasely explored and thoroughly researched by the team. They have done extensive searches to ensure the movie does not lack any logic or facts which are real. Ancient Kadaram was also said to have been conquered by Raja Raja Chozhan too. Watch out for all these amazing facts and references in the film.

4. The Cast

Kudos to the cast! Without them the execution of the film would have been impossible. Every single one of them acted really well. They stir curiosity, make you angry, make you laugh, make you get in fear and tons more. The emotions and chills sent down your spine is really different guys.

Apart from the amazing cast, I would like to mention the late Ravi Shankar Sir, the Founder of Astana Arts, who delivered an extraordinary & flawless performance as the main character Poochandi. Every stride he took in each of his scenes gave me literal goosebumps… even now as I type this. It was sooooooo creepy to witness it. Audiences did shout in the cinema hall while watching!



Mirchi Ramana, Dinesh Sarathi Krishnan, Logan Nathan, Ganesan Manoharan, and Hamsni Perumal are a huge backbone to the film. In addition to being aesthetically appealing, the film’s casts were carefully picked by the production to provide the best performance and do honour to the characters.

5. Visual Treat

Poochandi is a really visual treat. The cinematography was top notch. There was not a moment where you could take your eyes off the screen!

Unlike other ghost or paranormal films, POOCHANDI manages to keep viewers glued to the screen. A fascinating story, given by both new and veteran performers, is best portrayed throughout the film. Wickneswaren Kaliaperumal appears to be a filmmaker full of intriguing stories, which is what I got from watching this film. He is one unique director who has set the bar so high now for horror films in Malaysia!


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The film is a perfect blend of horror, thriller, comedy, ancient Hindu history, Malaysian elements with a stellar performance from everyone! Congratulations To Wicky & team.

Rating: 4.5/5


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Shane Dheerej

Nice in-depth review! By reading it, it makes want to watch the film again…. You wrote about the experience of watchinh it so well where I can relate when I was in the theatre! Agreed that this one of the benchmark to Malaysian Tamil Cinema and proud…

    comments user

    Thank you! Likewise, I read yours and it was pretty good and accurate.

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