Powerpaandi Movie Review

Powerpaandi Movie Review

Why Powerpaandi touched my heart.

So being a diehard fan Dhanush K Raja, (Actor, Producer in Kollywood film industry), I could not resist myself but I just had to watch his directorial debut movie Powerpaandi; The hype of Powerpaandi had begun way back when Dhanush Sir first officially announced that he was writing a story for his Directorial debut right after Kodi, his blockbuster 2016 Deepavali hit political-action flick.

Plot: Powerpaandi is a very simplified, heart-warming, family genre based movie. It is an endearing tale about a 64-year-old ex-stunt master, played fittingly by Raj Kiran, who has a son, daughter in law, two grandchildren, he has everything provided by his son yet he feels that something is missing in his life and he needs to do soul searching.

As a Dhanush fan, i didn’t expect such a heart dissolving story from him as his initially make a big appearance. it was something special, an alternate kind of a motion picture made by him which he has penned and composed perfectly. He has likewise picked an altogether different uncommon cast and some new faces also to assume all the critical parts in the motion picture which truly turned out well where every part suited every individual or to be exact every part was played by every performer so consummately that it is difficult to be abhorred on. Dhanush has likewise done a cameo part in the motion picture as the more youthful variant of Rajkiran otherwise known as Powerpaandi/Pandi Pazhanisaami/Paandi and inverse him the more youthful form of the character Poonthendral was shockingly played by Premam/Kadhalum Kadanthu Pogum Fame, Madonna Sebastian and for opposite Rajkiran  the older version of Poonthendral was played by veteran actor Revathy.

There are a couple scenes demonstrating the group of onlookers from a matured parent perspective on how they feel when they are more established and how they wish to really be dealt with and what kids ought to and ought not state to guardians which will offend them. With age our points of view change as well as what others look like at us. How youngsters who once look upon their seniors as saints, consider them trouble after they age. Our legend Pa Paandi is distinctive, even at his mid-sixties, he is physically and rationally solid. The general public calls him an old man, needs him to be bolted inside a room and think only his past and pass on sometime in the not so distant future. In any case, he has different arrangements; he needs to carry on with each snapshot of his life for himself and not for the general public or for his kids who have their own particular life to live. Dhanush has demonstrated that a script like this could be an commercial treat.


  1. Rajkiran Sir.

    Rajkiran sir has always been seen as an action, mass, fierce fiery hero kind of role. To see him as a total opposite in Powerpaandi actually did melt my heart totally. That Powerpaandi character that he played could not have been done better than him. In this movie you will see a different Rajkiran , a more gentle, subtle, heart warming grandpa, a responsible yet funny mischievous father to Prasanna, a very loving Father in law towards Chaaya Singh, a very typical grandfather who showers love and affection for both his grandchildren, a friendly, matured elderly man to his neighbour chap and also a very stern dedicated stunt master who is devoted to his job and lastly THE WAY HE LOOKS AND FEELS HIS FIRST LOVE ONCE AGAIN FOR REVATHY MA’AM, SEEING HER AFTER SO MANY YEARS STILL LIGHTS UP A SHINE ON HIS FACE, GIVES HIM BUTTERFLIES AND HE REMAINS YOUTHFUL AND COOL INFRONT OF HER. Rajkiran sir is totally the soul of this movie and Dhanush Sir has definitely done the best choice by selecting him and shoving in a new character for Rajkiran sir where he totally nailed and I loved his performance throughout the movie.  !!!! After the intermission he will be seen wearing a leather jacket, jeans and riding a super cool bike ,this !! , this right here is the Rajkiran we have never seen. He looked good. He look amazing rather than his usual Vesthi Sattai outfit . Dhanush Sir has shown a new Rajkiran which I really admired. Hats off Sir.

  2. Actor Prasanna and Chaaya Singh

    Both of them are amazing actors in their own ways. And after a long gap both of them could be seen in this movie as a major and important role. Prasanna as always, he is versatile, he can act any character you gave him be it hero, villain, cameo anything and we must agree that he did suit the role very well. He mentioned during the movie launch and also in a Vijay tv interview that the Pa Paandi story is the exact scenario and life events which has taken place between his own father and him in real life which made him very closely knit to this movie and he felt connected in one way and the fact that Dhanush Sir had chose him coincidently for the son role gave him no option but only to do the movie. Prasanna did a really good job in the movie for his role. As for Chaaya Singh, a good actress who acted many many years ago with Dhanush Sir in his 3rd movie Thiruda Thirudi, had mentioned that she was shocked that she got a call from Dhanush Sir to meet him in his office and when he narrated the story it was an instant yes for her as the movie totally touched her heart. She had played a nice, gentle and caring  daughter in law /Mother for her kids in Powerpaandi.

  3. The dialogues and emotions hit deep.

    Being an emotional fool, I tend to feel very closely connected to certain scenes and dialogues be it any movie. In Powerpaandi, what made me tear was the pre interval scene where Rajkiran sir gets drunk because of something thar Prasanna tells him and he gets upset so he drinks and he confronts his son by telling him how he took care of his son alone, without remarrying, the struggles he went through to bring up his son despite all the hardship he went through and also what the son said and did that hurt him deeply yet he chose not to show it till date. This whole scene had me in tears thanks to RK sir for his amazing acting and the content of the dialogues. The very same way, the scenes between RK sir and Revathy ma’am were so cute that I caught myself blushing to those scenes where he will look at her and also come to her house in the middle of the night to ask her why she did not reply his message. Those were scenes where i smiled wide, like your first love will always be the best and it will still give you happiness even after years and how happy he was to see her. It was just too cute for me and I totally loved it.

  4. DHANUSH K.RAJA  Of course it did not seem like his first debut as a director. He gave so much emotions and value to the genre and equal importance to every role and character there was in the movie, it has numerous jokes which made me laugh out loud and I clapped too. There were so many elements inserted perfectly by Dhanush where it all just fell in place. He has done justice to his movie. As a debut movie he has won many hearts, This movie is impossible to be hated. It is written so beautifully that it could be loved by all ages, a father would love this movie, a son will understand this movie, a child will see the depth in this movie. Lovers will appreciate it. Kids will enjoy the movie too. IT IS A SURE SHOT HIT FLICK FOR DHANUSH SIR IT IS AN ALL ROUNDER !!! As his fan, I AM PROUD, HAPPY AND ELATED by his success and I wish him all the best in his life and his upcoming projects VIP 2 (set to release on 28th July 2017) , Ennai Nooki Paayum Thotta by GVM, Vadachennai by Vetrimaaran Sir and all his movies. He came. he did it. he conquered. There is nothing that my hero cannot do, He is my idol and my inspiration… today, tomorrow and forever. ILOVEYOU DHANUSH.


A new young fresh talent has been brought in by Dhanush Sir. He has so much of faith in Sean after national award winning movie Joker. And to be honest Sean has done an extraordinary job in this film with his album, songs, bgm you name it this man has done it. I was melted by all the songs. Songs like Paarthen, Vaanam and Venpani Malare will stand in audience’s heart for a very long time. I was touched by the bgm’s in the movie too. Too good to be real and I now have so much of love and trust for Sean as he will be the music director for VIP 2. *excited much*  !!! Congratulations to Sean for his success on Powerpaandi, do more songs like this and good luck for all your future projects.

So POWERPAANDI is a beautiful film not to be missed, do watch is if you have not. Au revoir  😀

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