Shyam Singha Roy Movie Review – Reincarnation Love Drama

Shyam Singha Roy Movie Review – Reincarnation Love Drama

Release date: December 23, 2021 (Malaysia)
Director: Rahul Sankrityan
Cast: Nani, Sai Pallavi, Krithi Shetty, Madonna Sebastian and more.
Story by: Janga Satyadev
Production company: Niharika Entertainment

Plot: A young aspiring filmmaker is in trouble right when he get sued by a publishing company for copyright infringement. When he sets out to find an answer, he discovers he is a reincarnation from the past. What happened in the past sets the rest of the story.


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My Review: 

Shyam Singha Roy is a film that has captured the interest of audiences from its title to Nani’s get-up and trailer. The anticipation for the film’s release is building. When I watched the trailer, I knew I had to see this film! I mean, Sai Pallavi was the main reason, but whatever. Let’s get in!
The story basically starts off about Vasu, an upcoming director who lands Krithi with a role for his short film and he successfully gets the green light to make a feature film. Trouble arises when he gets sued by SR Publications for copyright infringement of the story that he made. He goes through hypnosis with the help of Krithi’s professor played by Leela Samson. He starts zoning out, his ears starts bleeding and then we further discover that he is the incarnation of Shyam Singha Roy from 1969. Cool right? Yes, the story indeed gets pretty interesting especially throughout the flashback portions.

Shyam is a staunch communist who believes that when it comes to disseminating one’s philosophy, a pen is considerably more powerful than a weapon. He had a great interest for writing and spreading his ideologies against, racism, casteism and discrimination. He believed everyone was equal unlike his 2 elder brothers who were the opposite of it. The Singha family were of the upper class Bengali family. Just as he was ready to board his train to Howrah with the help of his 3rd brother, he sees Maitreyi aka Rosie (the stunning Sai Pallavi), a Devadasi trapped in another system of slavery and abuse shown in the film.

Sai Pallavi, of course, steals the show. Even if she comes for only the flashback, this woman is captivating on a whole new level! It’s a role created for Sai Pallavi, who dances like a goddess. Pranavalaya is really a bliss to watch. The camera is captivated by her expressive face, which registers every flashing emotion. Sai Pallavi is a real talented performer and I really hope she wins an award for playing the role of Maitreyi. Her entire portions make you feel like what is this woman?



I mean, are you even human if you do not adore her. Pardon me, I have a huge crush on her ever since! You can give Sai Pallavi whatever role, and she’ll take complete command. She brings life to the role and emerges as the film’s greatest strength. She proved it once again. STELLAR PERFORMANCE!

Nani delivered an outstanding performance in both roles. While he appeared regular as Vasudev, his performance as Shyam Singha Roy is flawless. He was ideal for the part of a Bengali man. He also sounds amazing when delivering a few Bengali dialogues. We can say it is one of Nani’s best films in recent times. The impact he has given as Shyam is bang on!

There are many cliches and downfalls in the film too. The reincarnation drama actually fell short. It seemed like he was becoming Ambi at a certain point. But maybe that transition could have been done better. While the flashback is dramatic and really impactful, the explanation for Shyam Singha Roy’s return is unconvincing. You’re left with a lot of unanswered questions. You’ll be curious as to why he had to return as a reincarnation. I regard this film more of a love story that Shyam and Rosie had rather than anything but just lacks the screenplay a little on other factors.

Also, I believe that if they had simply centered on the film as it was totally set in the past, it would have been a far better picture. The chemistry between Nani and Sai Pallavi is a joy to see. I wish Rosie’s and Shyam’s revolutionary moments had been explored more, because they would have sufficed for the entire film. They could have perhaps removed the unneeded stuff and the Vasu character in the first half? That is absolutely my POV. Rather than a reincarnation story, it would have worked well if the movie was just set from 1960s period.



Shyam Singha Roy’s reformist portrayal is similarly partially developed. He was shown as opposing untouchability and the caste system of the 1970s. Maitreyi subsequently discusses the Devadasi system at other temples in India and implies at releasing the ladies from their slavery. However, it was left without any momentum and was covered over in the song. Like I said, Shyam’s character development and revolutionary missions were left unsaid which defeats the purpose of glorifying the character.

Krithi Shetty’s part is extremely little. She has a small role in the first half but is entirely absent in the second. Madonna Sabastian has done an excellent job. Jishu Sen Gupta and Bhupal Raju have little parts to perform. Rahul Ravindran has a significant role to play. Murali Sharma, the prosecutor, and Subhalekha Sudhakar, the judge, are both excellent. The rest of the cast members are all well-suited to their roles.



Movie is watchable. It hits hard at many instances. I would still recommend the film! As for me, I might watch it again just for the goddess SAI PALLAVI! Cheers.


Rating: 3.5/5 

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