Sita Ramam Movie Review – An Unforgettable Masterpiece Film

Sita Ramam Movie Review – An Unforgettable Masterpiece Film

Sita Ramam Movie Review

Sita Ramam – A Beautifully Made Love Story

Language: Telugu / Tamil

Subtitle: English

Classification: 18

Release Date: 5 Aug 2022

Genre: Drama / Romance

Running Time: 2 Hours 45 Minutes

Distributor: DMY Creation Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)

Cast: Dulquer Salmaan, Mrunal Thakur, Rashmika Mandanna, Sumanth

Director: Hanu Raghavapudi

Music: Vishal Chandrasekhar



The film follows the love story between a soldier, Lieutenant Ram, and his lady love, Sita, set against a war backdrop.

My Review:

There are very few films that come by when you watch them, it just cannot be described. This is that kind of film. I went speechless watching this movie and damn I really am awestruck. Director Hanu has done it again. If you have watched Padi Padi Leche Manasu, you will know exactly what I’m talking about! This man’s vision in writing an aesthetically pleasing film that puts you in place and hits you with the right emotions at the right moment indeed!

Sita Ramam Movie Review

Sita Ramam hit me like a truck. I did not expect to cry so much for a film after such a long time. Tears were rolling just naturally through some scenes. That is how amazing this movie has made me feel. Telugu romance movies have always had me wonder how they create such magic. The love, the romance is just intense that even if you are single you will understand and get into the feels.

The movie’s first half was slightly slow so I was wondering where this is going but after the interval, BAM!! You just stare at the screen to see what is going to happen. This movie is a masterpiece of its own! Hanu Sir has certainly put his heart and soul into this movie and it is pretty evident.

Though there are many characters on screen, each has its own significance, which is a difficult chore to manage. Sumanth and Rashmika’s parts are expertly woven into the plot. They were cast in significant parts and performed admirably. Sumanth’s character journey has been written flawlessly. Though this is a love story, there are a few plot twists that are worth mentioning.

Few dialogues grab our interest and make us ponder. They are concise and effective. To say the least, the second half of the film is fantastic. The way the war element was incorporated into a love narrative merits special mention. The writing team performed an outstanding job. There is very high intense love and romance plus other elements in the film altogether blend very beautifully giving us a wonderful experience watching the film.

sita ramam review


Dulquer Salmaan is a fantastic performer, as we’ve heard and we all are very well aware of. With Sita Ramam, the actor once again proves his brilliance. Lieutenant Ram’s characterization comes to life thanks to him. He looks excellent and has a strong screen presence. He portrays all of the emotional and romantic sequences superbly. DQ changes the movie’s tone ins a split second it’s hard to move away from the screen!

Mrunal Thakur as SITA MAHALAKSHMI! Take a bow. She was indeed the unexpected surprise package here. She makes an outstanding Telugu debut in Sita Ramam. She looked stunning in sarees and performed flawlessly. She will undoubtedly have a wonderful future and I am looking forward to seeing her in many more roles.

Special mention to Rashmika Mandanna a very rebellious character that is quite different from all her other films! I personally loved her acting in this film for sure.

Sita only appears after 50 minutes, yet she completely controls the remaining runtime with her lovely charm, and we couldn’t break out of the spell she cast on us. Like RAM said, ENCHANTRESS indeed. She lived the role of Sita Mahalakshmi and now she will live in my heart, mind, soul, and life rent-free forever!

The romantic song has been handled with elegance. The music is quite rich. Some scenes can and will break your heart. I’m warning you. The music, songs, and background scores by Vishal Chandrasekhar must be applauded! The interval BGM is still stuck in my brain as I am writing this and tears flow unknowingly for most scenes where the background score surely has a way of piercing your heart in and out continuously.


Minor Negative:

The first part of the film moves slowly. The director took his time getting into the narrative. Even if the tale is well-crafted, it consumes more screen time. The editing team could have done an even better job by shortening the film to keep the speed up.

All that is said, PS Vinod’s direction, Shreyas Krishna’s cinematography, and Vishal Chandrasekhar’s music all contribute to bringing Sita Ramam’s world to life. But special mention must go to art director Irfan Rashid Sheikh and costume designer Sheetal Sharma for effectively transporting the audience to the 1960s and 1980s.



In Sita Ramam, Dulquer and Mrunal were darlings who stole the show for sure. For a film like this to function, you must be immersed in the story, and get invested which the performers execute admirably. They bring their characters to life, and it doesn’t hurt that Mrunal looks stunning in the film.

As for me, I can’t wait to watch this film all over again. I will never get over how this movie has made me feel. I’m in love. Congrats team Sita Ramam.

Rating: 100/100 

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