Suzhal: The Vortex Review – Mind-Boggling Crime Thriller!

Suzhal: The Vortex Review – Mind-Boggling Crime Thriller!

Suzhal The Vortex

Suzhal: The Vortex

Genre: Thriller, Crime drama

Created by: Pushkar–Gayathri

Written by: Pushkar–Gayathri

Directed by: Bramma G Anucharan Murugaiyan

Starring: Kathir Aishwarya Rajesh R. Parthiban Harish Uthaman Sriya Reddy

Music by: Sam C. S.

Country of origin: India

Original language: Tamil

No. of seasons : 1

No. of episodes: 8

Streaming on: Amazon Prime Video


Suzhal – The Vortex is situated in a tiny Tamil Nadu town. It is a small village at Sambaloor where everyone knows everyone. When Shanmugam’s daughter, Nila (Gopika Ramesh), is missing, all hell breaks loose in the lives of Shanmugam (R Parthiban) and Inspector Regina Thomas (Sriya Reddy).

Who is the kidnapper and what happens next concludes Suzhal — The Vortex.

Suzhal The Vortex

My Review:

The Pushkar and Gayatri-created and directed series is a unique piece of work of fiction that analyzes a close-knit society, challenging their beliefs and rituals without being disrespectful.

Suzhal – The Vortex is a web series that debuted on Amazon Prime Video, and it is without a doubt one of the best ever crime thriller series ever made. The trailer received a lot of love from both audiences and critics, and this series is well worth the wait. The series, directed by Bramma and Anucharan, was written by Pushkar and Gayatri, who are well-known for their work on Vikram Vedha, one of Tamil cinema’s biggest blockbusters.

Let’s dive in to the review! 

Shanmugan (Parthiban Radhakrishanan), a troubled industrial union leader, arrives home to discover his 15-year-old daughter Nila (Gopika Ramesh) gone, in addition to the extensive devastation caused by the fire. As senior officer Regina (Shreya Reddy) and capable colleague Sakkarai (Kathir) probe further, they keep peeling back layers, leading them from one suspect to the next. Who is the one responsible?

I cannot digest the story just yet. It was sooooooo good that its still running in my head and I woul definitely watch it again! I haven’t seen many Tamil web series except for Vilangu which was pretty amazing too. But it’s unusual to come across a narrative with such deep concept and literary richness. Suzhal is so tightly packed with nuances that there is little room for error or laziness. Even the emotional payoffs aren’t a snoozer. I was glued from the start till the very end! I was hesitant to even move an inch or wink.

Source: Heartsmaker

Pushkar and Gayatri deserve a lot of credit for developing the heavy stuff. Directors Bramma and Anucharan have also done an outstanding job of remaining faithful to the written text. It is a well written and perfectly executed series!

Suzhal is about more than beliefs and practices; it is about appearance, perception, and deceit. Toy with the audience’s perspective of how we view the richly-detailed location and characters, as we saw in Vikram Vedha, Pushkar, and Gayatri earlier in the series. They are constantly one step ahead of us. In Suzhal, you are never correct about anyone.

Religion and beliefs tie the story together. The designers aren’t hesitant about pointing out hypocrisy either. God-fearing males who worship goddesses, for example, are depicted as predators. Suzhal emphasizes both the positive and negative aspects of devotion. It never takes sides. Ritual sacrifices are called into question but not condemned.

Twists and Surprises In Every Episode

That’s something more about Suzhal. Each character is completely realized, with complex and contradictory feelings. And each character is well-developed. There are no dull moments in the series; you may believe you’re one step ahead in the guessing game, but after a while, you put those notions away and connect with it more.

That takes me to the suspense element. The writing and directing by Bramma G and Anucharan Murugaiyan establish a dialogue between the audience and the program. Every time a person guesses correctly, the show rewards them with something above their expectations. You may really sit and ask questions, and the writing with the directions will answer all of them. This is what we mean when we critics talk about rich, engaging, and dynamic writing. Every twist adds significance and excitement to the story that makes you want to just get the suspense out of your head. You want to know what is going on. You want to just click “Next Episode” instantly.

Kathir- SUZHAL
Source: First Engagement

Stunning Performance by The Cast

Let’s talk about the performances now. Every actor outdid their performance in this web series. Shriya Reddy is back to acting after quite a lot of time and she was a delight to watch. Nobody else could have done the role of Regina with so much of ease. Kathir, once again, proved his mettle with this web series and the way he portrayed the emotions is something that his fans will cherish. He is the soul of the series.

Parthiban has got an amazing character to play. He played father of two daughters and the vengeance and anger in him was shown well. Aishwarya Rajesh plays someone who has anxiety issues but is depressed due to things that were happening in her life. She’s an asset to this series.

Even all the other actors as Harish Uthaman, Nivedhitaa Satish, Elango Kumaravel, Fedrick John and many other portrayed their roles so well that its hard to just leave out anyone from the equation. Everyone just nailed their performances!!


Music, BGM’s and Cinematography

Sam CS’s background score is fantastic yet again. It raises the excitement and tempo of the proceedings. This is another remarkable excursion for him after his previous excellent effort for Saani Kaayidham. Sam CS has been extremely good and I really hope he gets more and more chances.

Mukeshwaran’s cinematography is outstanding. The small-town atmosphere is beautifully preserved, and a magical aura is added. Richard Kevin’s editing is crucial to the overall enjoyment of the presentation. Without his wit, the entire story may have easily devolved into a shambles.

Suzhal – The Vortex – Negatives?

You are mad if you say there is something wrong with this series. It makes me feel so pleased to write this that I can’t think of anything negative to say about the series at all. Pushkar, Gayatri, and the entire cast and crew, congratulations! I am at lost for words.

Mayana Kollai Festival

Suzhal is a tapestry of events that unfold throughout the span of Mayana Kollai’s nine days. You can see everything well on the final day of the celebration, when the goddess is riding in her chariot. There s a certain level of relevance where the nine day festival from when it starts is when the series of events start happening in the village and how it all ends concluding the Mayana Kollai festival as well. Interesting indeed. I will certainly write about this more after I have done some reading and research.

Final Verdict

This is a classic example of a group of creative filmmakers working together to create a product about a niche yet with the ability to appeal to the public. A concert that is a pleasure in every way cannot be missed. Stream now on Amazon Prime Video. JUST WATCH IT ALREADY!

Here’s the Trailer of Suzhal:

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