The One That Got Away.. … ….

The One That Got Away.. … ….

Is there a really a way to make people who left us appreciate us in the best way possible? Especially when you loved them so dearly more than yourself? What is it that you expect the outcome of a unappreciated love to be?

This goes out to every girl who gave herself entirely to the love of her life but only to get left at the end.

To The One Who Left ….

At some point, you’ll recollect the a girl who cherished you so much that she neglected to adore herself. You’ll recollect her when you wake up in the morning, when you check your phone notifications, when you eat, when you go to work, in the middle of a meeting, when you’re going to bed at night. She will be your most noteworthy bad dream. You will be the one crying, and she will be the one content with another person. She will be in the arms of someone who values her, appreciates her and loves her more than you ever did.

At some point, you’ll lament losing her. You lost the young, beautiful, loving girl who took care of you. She took care of you near or far, in good times and in bad times, she was a wife even before you were married to her. You lost the girl who was consistently there for you when nobody else was. She picked you up on your worst days, she called you midday to see how you were coping with work, she would worry about your whereabouts, she would worry for your safety. She was one in a million. She is the kind of girl you will never be able to find in a million years.



You lost her on account of your conscience. You lost the young woman who remained close by regardless of whether you tossed brutal words to her. You hurt her so badly but she never left your side. She stood by you strong like she always did. You lost the girl who attempted to comprehend you when she required you and you were not there. She needed you so badly when she was breaking down at 3am. She needed you when she was hurting herself with sleepless nights. She made you happy even when she wasn’t happy.

At some point, you’ll understand that she was the one for you. She always was. The girl who remained close by regardless of whether you value her. The girl you decided to give up on the grounds that you’re loaded proudly. You let her go because you were a selfish man, You let her go at the weakest point of her life. You broke the promise you made for her. You gave her false hopes. You lied to her.

At some point, you’ll understand that the girl that you messed up and left, was the young lady who continued battling and protecting you when she hears tattles about you. Nothing anyone said shaked her love for you. Her love was so pure and divine that people were jealous of such a love. She defended even when you left her rotting.

At some point, you’ll see her upbeat and placated with the existence she has when you left her. She will thank you for releasing her and for causing her to acknowledge she is deserving of something so much better, that there is somebody who might be listening who is eager to thoroughly take care of her. She will look into your eyes without any affections for you by any means.

When you see her, she would have moved on with someone worthy of her. A man who takes care of her similar to gold. You will be damned your whole life for leaving her. The woman who could have been your best companion.


At some point, when you see her, you will feel like you’ve been wounded in your heart a million times for abandoning her. What’s more, when that day comes, regardless of what you do, regardless of what you state to her, it won’t bode well since she was at that point done consuming all of her time on earth attempting to make you love her as she cherished you.

She will be done begging you and hoping that you will come back and take her into your arms and fix the unrequited love. However, it is proven that you won’t because if you did love her, you wouldn’t have left her in the first place. 🙂

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